Adopt a green project. Work towards a green home with these simple tips on recycling waste. Here’s how you can recycle plastic, waste paper, and even recycle pcs.

Going green is one of the best new year gifts you can give yourself, the earth, and future generations. One of the simplest and most effective ways of creating a green home is by adopting green practices; recycling and reusing. Here are a variety of green practices from recycling computers to waste paper recycling.

Green Resolution Option: Computer Recycling

While constantly upgrading computers is a necessity today, it is equally important to think of the impact of all those functioning but outdated equipment as well as junked machines on the environment. By recycling computers, you can save money and reduce the energy load on the planet.

When upgrading, you can use old functioning CPUs as storage or download systems. This would help save a considerable amount of energy.

If you need to junk machines, you could get in touch with dealers who have computers recycling programs, who would be willing to take non-functioning computers and salvage reusable components.

You can get more ideas on computer recycling in Recycling PCs and Monitors for Green Living.

Green Resolution Option: Recycling Containers and other Plastic Recycling

This wonder-material that wraps, stores, holds, encases and does so much more is fast becoming one of the biggest challenges to the environment. The very qualities of strength and durability of plastic that make it so versatile are also what is making it so non-degradable. Here are a couple of things one can do with towards plastic recycling.

Recycle plastic food containers from the takeaway food store. Wash the containers, dry them and store. Next time you need to carry a sandwich or carry some food, use these boxes rather than a zippered bag. Snap on an elastic band to keep the lid in place. The elastic bands can be reused as well!

Recycling bags is another easily doable project. Store and recycle those large carry bags that shopping comes in, and think of ways to reuse them. To avoid plastic bags altogether, carry a cloth bag when you go shopping.

­­Green Resolution Option: Waste Paper Recycling

There’s huge potential for recycling waste paper, especially office paper recycling in a home-office scenario where it is not necessary to convince a large number of people.

Reuse envelopes by pasting a small rectangle of white paper where the address has been printed. This can be an address label if the size works. Alternatively, addresses can be printed in a batch on a sheet of white paper, scored and cut to size and pasted on the envelopes.

Envelopes can also be slit open, turned out, and cut to size for cute, money-saving one-side writing pads for rough work or note-taking.

You can get more ideas on waste paper recycling in Office Paper Recycling and Waste Paper Recycling.

In fact, if green home is a serious objective, you could do a complete green project, with bottle recycling, cardboard recycling, recycling clothes, furniture, and even composting.

The potential for making a difference with recycling is enormous. So go green this new year, and make some resolutions that you can proudly keep fthrough the year, and that actually save money, energy and scarce resources.


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