Recycling is a Quick Way to Make Money at Home

Learning how to make money recycling will pay off in the long run as recycling provides additional income and helps the planet too.

These days, everyone is looking for ways to generate a little extra money. One easy and cheap way to make money at home is to learn how to make money recycling.

How to Set up Recycling Bins

Designate a separate container for each item to be recycled. For small families, bins or bags will work as suitable recycling bins, while larger families may want to use larger trash cans. Inserting trash bags into the bins keeps them clean and makes it easier to remove items for recycling. Lastly, clearly label each recycling container so that everyone knows what type of material to place in it.

Make Money Recycling Aluminum Cans

Aluminum is one of the most common items in the household, and all of it is recyclable. When most people think of recycling aluminum, they think of recycling aluminum cans from soda. Although aluminum soda cans are recycled, there are many other household items made of aluminum as well.

Other items that are comprised of aluminum include soup cans, vegetable cans, pet food cans, and aluminum foil. Recycling aluminum soda cans pay approximately one cent per can, but when combined with the other aluminum household products, the money can really add up.

Make Money Recycling Glass

Glass is another material that is accepted at recycling centers. Glass food jars, mason jars, drinking glasses, and other types of clear glass are all recyclable. In addition, some green, brown, and blue glass are also sometimes recyclable. Some types of glass are not recyclable, such as mirrors, crystal, and window glass.

When placing glass items into the recycle bin, place them gently so as not to break the glass. Broken glass does not affect the recycling value, but the shards can be dangerous when transporting them. Every state does not recycle glass, but those that do typically pay between five and ten cents per bottle or jar.

Make Money Recycling Plastic

Plastic may be the most commonly found recyclable item in the household. Recycling plastic bottles such as soda bottles, shampoo bottles, and milk jugs can all bring some extra money. Other items such as plastic grocery bags may not be accepted by local curbside recycling programs, but they can be taken to recycling centers, which will purchase them for money.

Saving plastic, aluminum, and glass are all ways to make money recycling and add a much-needed supplement to the household income. To locate a local recycling center, visit, which provides addresses of local recycling centers.


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