House paint can be an expensive product, both to purchase and to dispose of properly. Recycled paint offers homeowners an option that is inexpensive and eco-friendly.

Homeowners and builders who have purchased too much paint for a job are often left with the difficulty and expense of properly disposing of it. Recycling paint offers both those with paint left over and those who may be looking for a less expensive or eco-friendly product an alternative to traditional house paint.

How is Paint Recycled?

There are two methods and types to recycle paint. The first is known as consolidated, or reusable paint. This is returned, leftover paint that is simply recombined, repackaged and resold, at significantly lower prices.

The second type of recycled paint is returned paint that is then filtered, to remove any particles that may have been collected during storage, mixed with additives to restore it’s PH factor, and then either mixed with 50% white paint and new pigments or simply repackaged for simple paint colors.

What Paint Colors are Available?

Paint that is 50% recycled, and mixed with white paint, can have pigments added that can produce nearly any paint color combinations. Bringing in a fabric swatch or other color sample can help recycled paint be mixed to nearly any desired color.

Paint that is 100% recycled, whether consolidated or filtered, is available in a more limited selection of colors. Those interested in this type of recycled paint should check with various paint dealers to see what is on offer.

What Applications can Recycled Paint be Used For?

Recycled paint is available for any surfaces on which paint is used. Additives, such as anti-mildew fungicides can be added with pigments for outdoor use. Paint used for metals, as well as primers are also available in recycled format. Recycled alkyd paints, and stains are becoming increasingly available as well.

The more types of paint that consumers choose to recycle, rather than bringing to a landfill and disposing of as hazardous waste, the more types of recycled paint will become available for use in future projects.

Reprocessed, or filtered recycled paint which is mixed with new paint, is a better option for outdoor applications, as it is typically a higher quality product, than paint that has been consolidated, or 100% recycled. Consolidated and 100% recycled paints, however, are fine for any interior applications.

Recycling Leftover Paint

If paint is left over from a building job, and avoiding hazardous waste fees and processing is desired, recycling the paint is a great option. Simply inquire at the county or city recycling center to find the nearest paint recycling center. Paint can be either dropped off, or picked up free of charge, and in many cases, the left over paint cans are available for recycling as well.

Recycled paint is truly the best house paint available for any green building project. Homeowners looking to save money on either paint disposal or purchase, will also find recycled paint to be worthwhile option. Look into recycled paint for the next house painting project, and bring color to more than the walls.



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