Simple Tips to Recycle Computers and Computer Components

Recycling computers, monitors and computer parts can save money and take you closer to a green home. Here’s how you can reuse old monitors and other computer parts.

There is no need to junk that old 486 or Pentium lying unused in the corner just because it isn’t fast enough or because it can’t do all the things the newest gizmos can. The older machines are much less power-hungry, and can ably perform a variety of tasks that can save on energy consumption. Recycling pcs is an extremely doable green project and can make you feel good about your efforts throughout the year.

Recycling Old Computers as File or Storage Server

Put the old workhorse back to create a reliable, decentralized backup file server that can hold archived files of the entire network. This would be much more convenient than removable media, and more reliable as well.

Recycling PCs as Shared Document Centre

In a work situation where several staff use specific files, an old CPU can be used to hold common files, calendars, and templates that are routinely shared across a network, so that privacy is maintained and no one needs to access a colleague’s machine. All that is required is for everyone to save shared files on this machine.

Reusing Computers as Download Rig

Using your old CPU as a download rig is not only a creative way of using the machine, it also is an excellent energy-saving idea. Use the central system to schedule downloads to the old device and power off the main structure. This will consume much less energy.

Recycling Computers as Firewall

This is actually recommended as one of the best uses of an old computer, as it can easily convert into a powerful router or firewall for small networks. Even old, slow machines are suitable for this use.

Recycling Computer Monitors as Home Theater PCs

Your old computer will still be useful for viewing movies and playing most games, so hook it up with speakers to create a low cost and efficient home theater pc system that can play music, movies, and the like. Connect it to the internet for even more options

Donating Old Computers

You could also think of giving away the computer instead of trashing it; there will be many for whom the speed or lack of certain features may not be critical.

Computer Recycling Service or Program

If it is just not possible to upgrade the machine, and if none of the above ideas are suitable, then look for a computer recycling service or program that offers to take your computer and dismantle it to salvage usable parts. Apple, Dell, IBM, HP all have computer recycling programs.

The simple fact is, there are so many creative ways of recycling computers and monitors, it’s just not worth trashing them. Reuse your old computer as a server, download rig, home theater, donate it, or reach it to a computer recycling service or program! You could also consider other recycling ideas; plastic, paper, glass.



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